Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga

200h TTC

A Yoga Alliance International 200 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Siem Reap

28 days of immersion into the world of

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

 September 2018: Sept 3th to Sept 29th

Space is limited, sign-up soon and benefit from 10% early bird discount

Price starting from (course and certificate)

A certified course

In this Yoga Alliance International certified course, you will establish solid yoga foundations for teaching and for your own personal practice. Focused on Hatha and Vinyasa. In addition to this essential yoga training we will develop your creativity through photography.

Hatha & Vinyasa

Classical, genuine training in traditional Hatha Yoga and creative Vinyasa Flow.
Yoga history and philosophy, anatomy of the energy body, all yogic practices explained
Alignment, anatomy & physiology, learn about the body, ensure safe practice for yourself and your students.


Be creative and inspire others. Photography – with the use of phone or camera, you will be encoureged to creatively share your joureny of Yoga. You will learn from basics photo & video shooting and editing, leading to creating your portfolio, and a website or blog that will enable you to share your story with others.


Early bird discount: 150USD if deposit received before August the 3th 2018

Refunds: deposit refunded 100% in case of cancellation 6 months or prior to the course, 50% refunded within 6 months, no refunds 2 months or less before the beginning of the course.

The Training

The main focus will be on Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and how to (ethically) present yourself in the media.

You will learn the practice and teaching methodology for classical Hatha Yoga and a structure and sequencing of a creative Vinyasa flow. The course contains a lot of practical classes, focusing on safe and correct alignment in the asana, principles of demonstration, and hands-on adjustment and assistance. Throughout the duration of the training, you will be asked to teach mini-classes to your fellow students, thus gaining confidence and deepening your teaching skills.

Other topics include: anatomy and physiology, introduction to the Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga therapy (shatkriya, Yoga asanas for different ailments), meditation and Yoga Nidra, history and philosophy of Yoga, tools of Yoga (Pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra) introduction to other Yoga styles (Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga), marketing strategy, ethics in yoga business etc.
As a part of this program, you will learn about photography, videography and editing your pictures and videos. We will start from the beginning and bring you to a level where you’d be comfortable taking great pictures and videos of yourself and friends practicing yoga. Additionally you will learn basics of WordPress so that you could create and maintain your own website. By the end of the training, you will have one or many ready to share multimedia clip about you, your Yoga practice, your experience going through this life-changing event – your personal story. This clip will be a great way to share your experience with friends and family, and market yourself if you are looking for volunteer/teacher jobs.


We start the day with a 90 minutes Pranayama and Hatha Yoga practice, followed by breakfast and short break.  We will then join together in lectures and discussions on yogic principles, energies, spirituality, asana adjustment and alignment etc., and continue on with Art of teaching.

We take lunch at 12:30 with a good break to relax, do homework, recharge, then continue with teaching practice.

The day ends with a Vinyasa Flow practice followed by closing meditation.


6-7:30 Pranayama and Hatha Yoga practice. Starting the day with a Yoga class
7:30-9 Breakfast and break
10:00 Lectures/Philosophy
11:00-12:30 Alignment and adjustment learning Asanas and methods of correcting and adjusting students
12:30-2:30 Lunch and break
2:30-3:30 Art of teaching, teaching practice
4:00-5:00 Vinyasa practice
5:00-7:00 Dinner

Saturday afternoons free, with optional ecstatic dance and Sundays free

” Yoga is like an ancient magic mirror. When you first discover it, it is all dirty and dusty. You start polishing it, and as you do, it slowly begins to show your reflection. At first, it’s just the glimpses of segmented parts of you. But the more you persist, the more these parts connect, to reflect the Whole. And once you see yourself fully reflected, the looking-glass manifests it’s magic, and takes you through and to the other side, where everything looks the same, but will never be the same again… So was my journey. In the beginning of my Yoga experience, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing or why. But by some miracle, I kept on doing it, until the practice became the part of my life. Right now Yoga is for me not only about the physical performance of the asanas. It is the part of everything I do. Whenever during the day I remember to take an aware, conscious breath, I do Yoga. Whenever I master equanimity in a difficult situation – I do Yoga. Whenever I remember to sit or stand with my back and neck straight – I do Yoga. Whenever I choose the challenging over an easy and comfortable – I do Yoga. But here at Blue Indigo, I allow myself to forget about Yoga from time to time – to play with one of the cats. ”

The Teacher

Kat on the Yoga Mat

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known for the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, the largest archeological religious monuments known to man, Siem Reap has a lot more to offer. Jungle, lakes, villages, rice fields, pagodas, palm trees,…. And most importantly a genuine kindness and friendliness of the Khmer people. There is an incredible choice of tasty restaurants of all cuisines in Siem Reap, from Indian to Italian, Chinese to French, and of course traditional Khmer cuisine.
USD and the local currency, Riel, are both equally accepted as a form of payment in Cambodia. ATMs are readily available, providing you with either of the currencies.

The Venue

Blue Indigo Yoga Cottage, an intimate yoga cottage downtown Siem Reap, only minutes away from the city centre, but tucked in lush natural gardens. This place was built from the ground  up, with the vision to be a place to immerse yourself into wellness. With 3 Yoga shalas, a small dining area and beautifully decorated wooden cottages, you will not feel the time pass, in this bubble of peace. You will have the choice of staying in private cottages, shared cottages (2 beds), or dorms (4 beds).


This course is suitable for beginners. Minimum number of participants: 4, maximum: 8

Balanced and healthy nutrition

Included in the program are vegan, homemade meals, made from ingredients the owner carefully selects himself by shopping in specific markets in the very early morning hours, to guarantee quality and freshness. Vegan meals can be arranged.

Please contact us for availability and deposit payment

If you would like further details about the whole course, we invite you to visit Kat’s Website.

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