Vipassana…What is it All About?

Vipassana…What is it All About?     Author and Interviewer: Lauren Patterson Interviewee: Mai Thi Nhu Vu Here at Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat I find it easy to see why so many people choose to stay long-term. The tranquility - despite the fact the retreat is...

Life changing events at Blue Indigo

Dear friend, it is a big commitment to choose a teacher training course or workshop, an instructor and location for a life changing experience. I priced our programs as economically as possible to give you access to these precious learnings, while...

Happy Khmer New Year At The Pagoda !

Happy Khmer new year at the pagoda to share amazing yoga & relaxing practice. Children joining us for a lovely class. Hope we inspire new generation for a fulfilling  and flourishing way of living.   What is Khmer New Year? Cambodian people have many holidays...

Diana Khayat – Lebanon

Jade (yogini) is this place’s treasure. She is positive, helpful and sincere, very knowledgeable about yoga. The staff is very friendly, and the food is great. Thank you for a wonderful experience!


Thank you for the great time! I have loved the garden and the food for  Especially, the lunch. Overall it is a very welcoming place, I will recommend it to my friends. I wish you all the best for the future .

Tim Cubson & Roisin McNamee

We are beginners at Yoga, and this was a wonderful introduction. We could not fault the teachers or other staff. The bungalow was comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed the balance of theory and practice with holistic approach. We will definitely recommend the...

Marie-Anne Lebot – France

It was a great introduction to yoga and meditation. I loved the hatha class in the morning. Jade is an amazing teacher. I enjoyed very much the meditation in the temples. Congratulations for having created this little piece of heaven!

Hulder – Iceland

Blue Indigo Cottage is a wonderful place to stay. Jade made the yoga classes really personal and is very professional in her work with people and leading classes. Eddie was more into physical strength and good to have variation of flying and AcroYoga...

Morning Yoga Sequence for Beginners

15 Minute Morning Yoga Sequence for Beginners    By Estefania Loewenberg   Oct. 22, 2017 Sam Emrich has been at Blue Indigo for approximately 3 weeks and we are so happy to have her in Siem Reap. We made a brief interview along with her to learn more about her...
  • Julia Künnecke Avatar
    Julia Künnecke

    Blue Indigo Cottage hosted my belgian yoga teacher Sergine Lalou’s 10 day summer workshop. Angkor and its surroundings offered the perfect environment to combine intensive yoga practice and immersion into... read more

  • Peiyun Quek Avatar
    Peiyun Quek

    Tried their aerial yoga and really love it! Came back for more deeper stretch one day later 🙂

  • Heidi Jezewski Avatar
    Heidi Jezewski

    It’s a must to visit if you are in Siem Reap. The owners are incredibly hospitable and to get such a diverse range of teachers/classes in the same space... read more

  • Po Line Avatar
    Po Line

    Blue indigo is a place to enjoy yoga and meditation with open and friendly people. You share a good breakfast and lunch together in a beautiful and cozy place. Thank... read more

  • Valerie Lynn Francisco Avatar
    Valerie Lynn Francisco

    I attended the vinyassa class this morning and it was exactly what I've been searching for in siem reap. You almost forget you're in the city while you're there. The... read more

  • Amaury Rustin Avatar
    Amaury Rustin

    Great atmosphere, garden, rooms, owner and staff, great teachers and classes. Definitely recommended!

  • Roberta Oliveira Avatar
    Roberta Oliveira

    There aren’t enough words to describe my experience at the Blue Indigo retreat but if I have to name three it would be Peace, Love and Awareness.
    This place of...
    read more

  • Gina Crampton Avatar
    Gina Crampton

    Fabulous place, paradise in the city. Met so many wonderful people. Loved the teachings. Highly recommended �

  • Sharon McKee Avatar
    Sharon McKee

    I spent an amazing month doing my TTC at Blue Indigo, it's a very special place, welcoming and peaceful, with wonderful, talented teachers. I had a fantastic experience and learned... read more

  • Micayla Cox Avatar
    Micayla Cox

    Beautiful place - the grounds were beautiful and a peaceful seclusion from the typically busy Siem Reap. The vegetarian food was healthy and so amazing and the teachers were... read more

  • Michelle Josephine Avatar
    Michelle Josephine

    I had a wonderful and spiritual time here. The location is great, very close to the city but you feel so isolated and peaceful surrounded by nature. The teachers were... read more

  • Bianca Marciuc Avatar
    Bianca Marciuc

    My stay at blue indigo changed my life!i wake up early morning,first thing i do is meditation&yoga,eat healthy&sleep much better.I miss you Nina and our aerial yoga classes,i miss the... read more

  • Karolina Radziej Avatar
    Karolina Radziej

    My stay at Blue Indigo Yoga lasted 8 days. I came in July which, considering it to be the rainy and cooler season, was still pretty hot. The salas... read more

  • Yvonne Margaretha Avatar
    Yvonne Margaretha

    one of my best experiences in my journey. what a charming place! special thanks to every single yoga teacher, you're awesome!!!

  • Claire Beath Avatar
    Claire Beath

    I had such a fabulous few days at Blue Indigo. The teachers were wonderful, the food was amazing and the accommodation was great.
    I would highly recommend spending some time...
    read more

  • Luisa Steckhan Avatar
    Luisa Steckhan

    I stayed at this little green oasis for two weeks and in the end I didn't want to leave because I felt almost home within this heart-warming community.
    If you're...
    read more

  • Zeus Siqueira Bessoni Avatar
    Zeus Siqueira Bessoni

    The perfect place for an yoga retreat. A peaceful oasis in the heart of the city, nature all around. The food is delicious, the service is excellent. The classes and... read more

  • Margo Cole Avatar
    Margo Cole

    As soon as you step into Blue Indigo, you are surrounded by a peaceful environment, a paradise in the centre of fabulous Siem Reap.

    They have excellent yoga teachers and a...
    read more

  • Dee Lewis Avatar
    Dee Lewis

    Instructors were great! Loved Nina's Ariel yoga class. Liked the option of staying on or
    Off site. I did both !

  • Lea Sulmont Avatar
    Lea Sulmont

    Pasé 10 días maravillosos en Blue Indigo yoga, en un ambiente genial, lleno de energía y lindos detalles. Puede experimentsr diversos estilos de yoga con profesores calificados y que aman... read more

  • Haley Akimi Avatar
    Haley Akimi

    Blue Indigo is an amazing Oasis in Siem Reap. We ended going here on a whim but it was well worth it. The staff are incredible and the classes are... read more

  • Or Houri Avatar
    Or Houri

    I wish the rest of my trip will look like the five days i spent here, it was amazing!

  • Charmaine Min Avatar
    Charmaine Min

    Dropped in for a flow class yesterday with an instructor from China (unfortunately I didn't get her name) and it was an amazing class. Each move was held long enough... read more

  • Jon Sa Trinxa Avatar
    Jon Sa Trinxa

    I really enjoyed all the Yoga classes and the vegetarian food was delicious , I look forward to returning next year .

  • fw12015
    5 star rating

    I just returned from an amazing 2-week yoga retreat at Blue Indigo. The moment you set foot on the premises, you feel at home and part of a big family.... read more

  • A TripAdvisor Member Avatar
    A TripAdvisor Member
    5 star rating

    I stayed at Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat for a month this January. It was a wonderful experience. I met so many interesting travellers (mostly women) from all over the world... read more

  • yvonneo228
    5 star rating

    I stayed at Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat for a month this January. It was a wonderful experience. I met so many interesting travellers (mostly women) from all over the world... read more

  • jessica wilmoth Avatar
    jessica wilmoth

    I had a wonderful time at Blue Indigo Yoga. The teachers are great, attentive, and make you progress in your practice. An amazing food! one of the best table in... read more

  • Diana M Avatar
    Diana M
    5 star rating

    I have visited all yoga places in Siem Reap and blue indigo stands out with a genuine good yoga and mindfulness vibe. It has the best and largest shalas, shaded... read more

  • Alexia Dolendorff Avatar
    Alexia Dolendorff

    I just spent an intense week! A very beautiful place to practice yoga, meditation and sharing. Blue Indigo Yoga is a school, a retreat, for all those who want to... read more

  • Telma Sandra Avatar
    Telma Sandra

    There aren’t enough words to describe my experience at the Blue Indigo retreat but if I have to name three it would be Peace, Love and Awareness. This place of... read more

  • eva mendez Avatar
    eva mendez

    hi everybody:) definitely, I recommend Blue Indigo center! I really progressed in yoga and meditation! a fantastic week. Jan gave me some tips for meditation, and it was great! thank... read more

  • Aurélie B Avatar
    Aurélie B
    5 star rating

    If you’re looking for a place where you can practice yoga, meditate, enjoy the nature, eat delicious food and meet nice people: this is THE place!
    Everything at the Blue...
    read more

  • Lidia parosta Avatar
    Lidia parosta

    a wonderful place. People who breathe yoga, who share beautiful moments. the food is exellent, the classes are really great, teachers who give me a lot. I really like this... read more

  • vanessa BATRIVA Avatar
    vanessa BATRIVA

    Thank you to all the team of blue indigo yoga for your sharing and welcome. It was a great time with you! 5 classes of yoga, meditation, and philosophy, high... read more

  • william Daniel Avatar
    william Daniel

    7 days of happiness! very good teachers, a place really dedicated to yoga and meditation. The best yoga center in Siem Reap for me. the food is delicious! a vegetarian... read more

  • Zoe C Avatar
    Zoe C
    5 star rating

    We did an aerial yoga class here - 5pm-6pm each day (I think!).
    SO MUCH FUN! For beginners this was an excellent class and we had so much fun....
    read more

  • Maddy B Avatar
    Maddy B
    5 star rating

    This place is amazing! I was recommended by a friend of a friend and booked 3 days with only 24 hours notice. Nina was fantastic and communicated with me throughout... read more

  • ivoxra Avatar
    5 star rating

    We were doing a short trip to Cambodia and we chanced upon this yoga place and walked in for the aerial yoga class. It was 8 USD per class. It... read more

  • Megolas1994 Avatar
    5 star rating

    I arrived in Cambodia and had been in contact with Bleu Indigo many times and they were okay with me arriving at around ten PM even though this was after... read more

  • Roberta O Avatar
    Roberta O
    5 star rating

    There aren’t enough words to describe my experience at the Blue Indigo retreat but if I have to name three it would be Peace, Love and Awareness.
    This place of...
    read more

  • yvonneo228 Avatar
    5 star rating

    I stayed at Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat for a month this January. It was a wonderful experience. I met so many interesting travellers (mostly women) from all over the world... read more

  • JY Navel-Benedetti Avatar
    JY Navel-Benedetti


    Andrea Feldor “ Thanks for the introduction, great, big knowledge to yoga! ☺
    read more

  • 163julienh
    3 star rating

    Its not a hotel and not really a retreat as people come and go rather than arriving together and having common activities for a set period.
    There is yoga but the...
    read more

  • Yoikue Avatar
    2 star rating

    Sadly I would not recommend. The yoga teachers are nice but the room was so dirty ! I signed up fa 7 day program a couple months ahead and paid... read more

  • Connector66777634023 Avatar
    1 star rating

    When I arrived to blue Yoga Indigo . I had a really good expectations of the place. Unfortunately my whole Yoga “Liberté et Fraternité” concept was completely washed away untill... read more

  • Jo Anne Genoza Avatar
    Jo Anne Genoza
    positive review 

    Blue Indigo is a place where you can express the real YOU while being surrounded with people who will support your spiritual growth. The place to be in Siem Reap,... read more

  • Sarah Schenkel Avatar
    Sarah Schenkel
    positive review 

    We attended a 10 days ashtanga yoga workshop. Of course, yoga was amazing, food was delicious (and different every day), rooms were cosy and cleaned daily, but (almost) nothing compares... read more