Our Team

“Yoga made its way into my life five years ago at that time I have learned the importance of listening to the body. I believe it is one of our job that we learn to listen and received all that’s being offered from the inside out.”

Off the mat, Pavla is an ocean and mountains lover, always looking for any chance to surf, hike or travel. Pavla continues on her teaching path at the blue indigo. Join her!


Nina is Cambodian.
She has a 200h TTC of Vinyasa and Hatha and a 100h TTC Flying yoga. Nina teach for 3 years at Blue indigo yoga. She speak Khmer, English and French. Join her soon!

Agni born in Poland, discovered yoga in 2008 during her first visit to India. After 10 years of aerobics and pilates practice in no time she changed fitness club to yoga studio and started to practice Iyengar Yoga in her hometown. 4 years later she completed 200h YATTC (Yoga Alliance TTC)  with Trimurti Yoga in India.Since then she travels the world, teaching, learning and sharing her passion for yoga,dance and hula hoop. She regularly teaches 50 hours aerial and 200 hours yoga teacher training courses in Thailand and Cambodia, and teaches different styles such as hatha, vinyasa, yin, and aerial yoga.
She believes that yoga helps to connect with the inner self, to feel more grounded and safe, makes life easier and enjoyable. Her intention is to motivate her students to explore their own potential, to discover love, peace, and happiness within, to heal body and mind through the power of yoga and movement.

” Yoga is like an ancient magic mirror. When you first discover it, it is all dirty and dusty. You start polishing it, and as you do, it slowly begins to show your reflection. At first, it’s just the glimpses of segmented parts of you. But the more you persist, the more these parts connect, to reflect the Whole. And once you see yourself fully reflected, the looking-glass manifests it’s magic, and takes you through and to the other side, where everything looks the same, but will never be the same again… So was my journey. In the beginning of my Yoga experience, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing or why. But by some miracle, I kept on doing it, until the practice became the part of my life. Right now Yoga is for me not only about the physical performance of the asanas. It is the part of everything I do. Whenever during the day I remember to take an aware, conscious breath, I do Yoga. Whenever I master equanimity in a difficult situation – I do Yoga. Whenever I remember to sit or stand with my back and neck straight – I do Yoga. Whenever I choose the challenging over an easy and comfortable – I do Yoga. But here at Blue Indigo, I allow myself to forget about Yoga from time to time – to play with one of the cats. ”



Founder and Owner of the Blue Indigo Yoga

Yoga found Jean 8 years ago. He started practicing Hatha Yoga, and has incorporated all the various aspects of the Yogic teachings it into his life ever since. He is a certified Aerial Yoga teacher and completed a Yoga Alliance US accredited Teacher Training Course in January 2017. He practices Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, meditation and studied Buddhists philosophy in Battambang, Cambodia. Jean has also completed workshop in European Institut of Qi Gong in 2015.

Jean is passionate about the study and practice of Yoga and daily meditation.

He has owned and operated the Blue Indigo Yoga since 2014. Here you will find a diverse community of welcoming friendly students and world class Yoga professionals. Whether it is your first class, or you attend the advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, you are guided by the best teachers, with decades of experience practicing and studying. The Blue Indigo Yoga has hosted hundreds of practitioners and multiple TTCs and workshops. At Blue Indigo, you belong to an accepting and inclusive Yoga center, surrounded by people who support you and nurture your growth and well being.

With a degree in Fine Art, graduated in France, Jean has since traveled a 42 year Yogic path of practice and explored a variety of methods including art in Kissi tribe and Songhail empire. He continuously researches wellness, tolerance and sharing the amazing practice of Yoga with others. He is adept of holistic experiences, astral voyages, meditation, and the contemplative thinking school of Krishnamurti.

His long-term aim is to develop Yoga and wellness in Cambodia by running and providing TTCs and inviting world-renown practitioners to run their workshops. Jean-Yves is also co-founder and director of the Angkor photo festival, with deep involvement in humanitarian projects in Cambodia.


Trained and certified Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga masseur, Hatha/Vinyasa and Aerial yoga (Yoga Alliance 200h and 50h). Studied with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, revered Robina Courtin, Tenzin Palmo.

My goal is to pass along what I have learned as  tools and methods to develop your skills and talents. After technical studies in France and USA, a career in Californian Silicon Valley, China and Singapore as a technology executive, and a career in photography with non-profit organizations,  my path led me to embrace yoga and spirituality in India, Nepal, and south east Asia. As a certified Aerial and Vinyasa teacher, I believe in continuous improvement through teaching and learning from experiences.