What is Tapotement massage movement?

Tapotement is a specific technique used in Swedish massage. It is a rhythmic percussion, most frequently administered with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand or the tips of the fingers.

What are tapotement movements?

Tapotement is a technique, which involves rhythmic tapping or patting of the soft tissue structures, commonly administered using a cupped hand or striking with the outside edge of the hand.

What is the purpose of tapotement in massage?

Tapotement is like a tapping either with your fingertips, cupped hand or the edge of the hand. A more invigorating wake up technique to stimulate and move the body’s stressed muscles, increases local blood circulation to help facilitate toxin release from tissues.

What are the effects of the tapotement massage movement?

Tapotement has a hyperemic effect. That is, it increases local blood circulation, which, in turn, helps to warm and soften the underlying tissue. The skin will feel warm to the touch and appear flushed. It is often used to help warm-up an athlete prior to an event.

What are the benefits of tapotement technique?

Tapotement or Percussion massage is very beneficial. It stimulates nerve endings, aids in decongestion and increases local blood flow. It also tones the atrophied muscles and relieves pain. This form or massage gives you access to deeper structures, such as the hip rotators.

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How is tapotement performed?

The name comes from the French word tapoter, which means ‘to tap’ or ‘to drum’. Fingers, cupped hands or loosely held fists or the edge of the hand are used to apply rhythmical percussion strokes. Tapotement is usually performed alternating hands and maintaining a fast pace of between four to ten strikes per second.

What is Effleurage Petrissage and tapotement?

Effleurage: a gliding, lengthening stroke that can be used to assess the soft tissue that is being worked on. Petrissage: a kneading or wringing stroke that is used to break up muscle tightness. … Tapotement: a percussive stroke that can be done to stimulate nerves, muscles, and blood flow.

What are the contraindications of tapotement?

Contraindications. Include: Any type of skin infection; Open wounds; Circulatory problems such as thrombosis, bleeding disorders; Less than 48 hours after injury; during acute inflammation; Tumours if in the area being massaged.

What are the benefits of vibration massage?

What are the health benefits of vibration therapy?

  • increase bone density.
  • increase muscle mass.
  • improve circulation.
  • reduce joint pain.
  • reduce back pain.
  • alleviate stress.
  • boost metabolism.

What are the benefits of friction massage?

Frictions are a beneficial massage treatment to assist in improving healing. Frictions improve healing by treating scar tissue/adhesions. Frictions break down scar tissue and adhesions and help realign them back into normal form.

What is kneading massage technique?

Kneading is a specific massage technique that involves compressing soft tissues. Kneading is a circular technique where tissues are lifted, rolled and squeezed in a compressive action. The pressure is deep and it compresses the underlying muscles.

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What is vibration massage?

Vibration massage technique is a fine, gentle, trembling movement performed with hands or fingers. … Vibration movements can help stimulate nerves, relieve muscular tension and decrease stress. Vibrations at a slower pace are an effective treatment to produce a feeling of relaxation.

Is cupping a tapotement?

Hacking, Cupping, Beating and Pummelling are all tapotement strokes. This stroke style should be used on fleshy, muscular areas and not on bone. These are the most stimulating of all types of stroke used in Swedish massage. If you are looking to be invigorated with a treatment a lot of tapotement will be used.