Asita Meditation

Our meditation retreat can be practiced by everyone.

There are no restrictions, we adapt our retreat for you.That you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, you are welcome to join us  all the time.

   Meditation program :

  • Vipassana, Anapanassati, Tibet bowls and Voice.

  • Every day, discusion group with questions and answers with Master Asita.

  • 3 or 6 nights experience dorm room, extra charge for individual ou share room.

  • Free access high speed internet WiFi. Tea & Water


4 sessions per day meditation practice.

Small group of 10/15 persons maximum.

Every day, a group discussion with questions and answers with Master Asita.

2 meals breakfast and lunch per day menu (vegetarian)

dinner : Free time.

3 or 6 nights in a dorm bedroom,  individual or chare room extra charge.

Packages 4 Days/3 Nights

Packages 7 Days/6 Nights



From Sunday 2 pm to Wednesday 12 noon

21 to 24   June
12 to 15    July
23 to 26  August
06 to 09  September
04 to 07  October
08 to 11  November
06 to 09 December

From Sunday 2 pm to Saturday 12 noon

07 to 13 June
26 July  to 01 August
09 to 15 August
13 to 19 September
25 to 31 October
22 to 28 November
13 to 19 December


Arrival Day Sunday

Arrival on Sunday from 2pm
Reception, Check-in, installation in your room and free time
5:30 pm : Starting of the retreat and introduction to meditation by Asita
7:00 pm : End of the day, free time

Meditation days

 7:30 am : Breakfast
8:30 am : 1st Meditation class
10:00 am : Break time
10:30 am : 2nd meditation class
12:00 pm : Lunch time
ee time.
5:30 pm : 3rd meditation class
6:30 pm : Break time

7:00 pm : 4th meditation class
8:00 pm : End of the day class, free time

Departure day Wednesday/Saturday

7:30 am : International Breakfast
 8:30 am : 1st Meditation class
10:00 am : Break time 
10:30 am : 2nd meditation class
11:30 am : End of meditation retreat with debriefing by Master Asita
12:00 pm : Check your room and check-out
Goodbye and  see you soon.

Asita Master

It is in Thailand that I discovered meditation with Master Suwat, who opened my eyes to the benefits of meditation. For many years, I followed his teaching by practicing intensively every day and reached my personal quest.

A retreat in India to the lands of my roots in Bodhgaya, a Mahabodhi temple where Buddha found enlightenment, confirmed and reinforced my choice to transmit this knowledge. My experience and knowledge are shaped by practice.


Come On In

Our meditation is based on the Vipassana, Anapanasati, guided by voice, associated with the vibrations of Tibetan bowls allowing the implementation of the process of liberation of mind.

Get In Touch

Essential stages of meditation : clean your mind, knowing how to let go and detach ourselves.

Meditation also helps us to take a distance from our thinking and emotions.

the Goal

The benefits are such that meditation is increasingly used to reduce stress, anxiety and improve our health.

All people who practice meditation feel mental calm, serenity and better control of their emotions, better concentration during meditation, and also well-being in their daily lives.