What percentage of physical therapists are black?

How many physical therapists are black?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5 percent of all practicing physical therapists are African-American. And only 3 percent of all physical therapy students this year were African-American, while 6 percent were Hispanic, according to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

What are the demographics of physical therapists?

Demographic information on Physical therapists in the US. The average age of male Physical therapists in the workforce is 41.5 and of female Physical therapists is 41.3, and the most common race/ethnicity for Physical therapists is White (Non-Hispanic).

What percentage of physical therapists are male?

70% of physical therapists are female and 30% are male.

Is physical therapy a female dominated?

Getting those ideas out into the world of physical therapy can be a challenge, even though the profession is described as “female-dominated.” Actually, Litzy says, that whole “female-dominated profession” concept is tricky to begin with.

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What country has the most physical therapists?

Portugal has the highest physical therapist supply (7.8 per 10,000 people). The United States is a close second (6.5), whereas Singapore has a lower number (1.5), and Bangladesh has the lowest supply (≥0.1 physical therapists per 10,000 people).

What percentage of physical therapists work in hospitals?

The industries that employ the most physical therapists are broken down as follows: 33% Private Outpatient Clinics/Offices. 28% Hospitals (State, Local and Private) 11% Home Health Care Services.

What age group are most physical therapists patients?

Patient ages were under 2 years (1.5%), 2-10 years (4.1%), 11-17 years (6.6%), 18-49 years (26.7%), 20-64 years, (25%) and over 65 years of age (36.1%). Forty-five percent of the patients were male.

What is the turnover rate for physical therapist?

Turnover. One hundred thirty-seven therapists (16%) changed jobs during the year prior to the follow-up survey. In addition, 21 therapists (2%) left their jobs and were not working or were retired at follow-up. Sixty-one therapists (7%) rotated positions within their facility during the year prior to follow-up.

How many physical therapists are female?

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has over 72,000 members in its organization and provides many statistics and information about the industry. According to APTA, nearly 70 percent of its members are women and about 74 percent of all licensed physical therapists are women.

How many occupational therapists are white?

The most common ethnicity among Staff Occupational Therapists is White, which makes up 78.8% of all Staff Occupational Therapists. Comparatively, there are 8.4% of the Asian ethnicity and 6.2% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity.

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What does the average day of a physical therapist look like?

Physical therapist work hours generally range from 8 am to 5 pm, although some PTs may start earlier or work later in the evening to accommodate the busy schedules of patients. However, PTs that work in hospitals or nursing homes may need to work hours on the weekends or on holidays to provide continuous patient care.

How many physical therapists are in the USA?

As of 2019, there were 312,716 licensed physical therapists and 127,750 licensed physical therapist assistants in the United States, according to data from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

Is physical therapy male dominated?

A profession is often considered to be female-dominated if at least 70% of its members are women.” Physical therapy, therefore, is a female-dominated profession (74% female in the United States in 1993).

What percentage of physical therapists are Hispanic?

Physical Therapist Statistics By Race

Physical Therapist Race Percentages
Hispanic or Latino 6.0%
Black or African American 3.9%
Unknown 2.2%
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.3%

Who was Mary McMillan And what was her role in physical therapy?

She became the principal founder and president of the American Women’s Physical Therapeutics Association, known today as the American Physical Therapy Association. At the same time, she was the Director of Physiotherapy at Harvard Medical School Graduate Program for eight years.