What do I need to know about massage guns?

Like a traditional massage, the gun aims to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lymph fluid and venous blood out of the muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. It can help relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and minimize muscle soreness and tension.

How do you know if a massage gun is good?

People looking to purchase a massage gun may wish to consider:

  1. Power and speed: Most models of massage gun offer a choice of speed and power settings.
  2. Portability: Some models are lighter and smaller and have a longer battery life to facilitate easy transportation.

What should I look for in a massage gun?

What are some of the important points to take note of when getting your massage gun?

  • Noise/Sound Level.
  • Battery Life.
  • Attachment Heads.
  • Weight.
  • Design.
  • Warranty.
  • Included Extras.

Can massage guns be harmful?

Just like with muscle strains, massage guns can cause further damage to sprains of muscle and ligaments. The body is known to become inflamed when it is injured. This is a natural response that helps to supply more blood to the region to get it to heal.

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How often should you use a massage gun?

Depending on the desired result, we recommend using your Theragun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day.

Where should you not use a massage gun?

The massage gun is meant to be used on muscles, rather than nerves, bones, joints or tendons. While it may seem obvious, experts advise avoiding anywhere you have scabs, wounds, cancerous lesions or a recent bone fracture. People should also avoid using the massage gun on any body part that has impaired sensation.

How long should I use a massage gun for?

(Typically there’s a button or switch on the gun to increase pressure.) Stay in one spot for up to 15 seconds or sweep an area for two minutes. Some guns even have a monitor connected to an app to direct you how hard and how long to go. Stay away from bony areas.

How much stall force do you need on a massage gun?

Look for a device that has a stall force that suits your specific use case. 40-45lbs stall force strikes a good balance between power and general usability.

Do massage guns get rid of knots?

Massage guns can help increase blood flow to a specific area of muscle. In doing so, this process can contribute to decreasing muscle inflammation and tension, which can include breaking up annoying knots.

What is the number 1 best massage gun?

Healthline’s picks of the best massage guns

  • Theragun Elite.
  • Achedaway Pro Percussion and Vibration Massager.
  • Vybe PRO Handheld Deep Muscle Massager.
  • Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun.
  • Theragun PRO.
  • Legiral Le3 Massage Gun.
  • TimTam Power Massager.
  • Wahl Deep Tissue Massager.
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Are massage guns good for sore muscles?

Research has shown that massage guns can be effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improving short term muscle length. DOMS can cause muscle soreness for 24 – 72 hours following an intense workout.

Can I use massage gun everyday?

You can use a massage gun daily, but be careful not to overdo it. You should limit use to two minutes per muscle group. If you experience pain or tenderness, stop using the massage gun.

How do you use a massage gun on yourself?


  1. Turn on the Theragun without putting it on your body. …
  2. Rest the Theragun on your body. …
  3. Glide the Theragun along the muscle. …
  4. If you hit a knot or an area of tension, let the Theragun rest on that spot—without adding additional pressure—for a few moments before moving on.

Can massage break up fat?

Weight Loss.

Studies show that deep tissue massage contributes to improved metabolism and fat reduction. Receive massage in the area with excess fat accumulation and it will break up the fat stores, making it ready for absorption inside the body.

Can I use a massage gun on my face?

Do not use it on your genitals, head, eyes, mouth, jaw, nose, cheeks (any part of your face), or particularly sensitive areas of the body (I don’t know why you would or that I should have to tell you this). These are not naughty toys for any naughty time, so just no.