A Yoga Alliance International 200 Hours Licensed

Teacher Training Course (TTC)

A genuine immersion into the world of Yoga and Arts

 November 2018: Nov 4th to Dec 1st (6 mats left)

January 2019: Jan 6th to Feb 3rd (8 mats left)

Space is limited, sign-up soon

and benefit from 10% early bird discount

Price starting from (course and certificate)

A certified course

In this Yoga Alliance International certified course, you will establish solid yoga foundation through learning the eight limbs of yoga taught by experienced yoga teachers. Focused on hatha and vinyasa, we will also explore yoga styles such as aerial and ashtanga. In addition to this essential yoga training we will develop your creativity through arts & crafts.

Hatha & Vinyasa

Genuine teaching of eight limbs of Yoga
Focus on Hatha & Vinyasa
Yoga philosophy and the proper yogic values and behaviors
Anatomy, to learn about our body, ensure harm-free practice for ourselves and our students
Aerial yoga, to defy gravity to increase our strength, flexibility and balance


Music,  we reach harmony together through simple earthly rhythms and songs
Dancing, our soul, our body and music blend in a gentle motion, with some Kundalini and ecstatic dance
Drawing,  we reach peace of mind through drawing mandalas and flowers
Jewelry, making beautiful objects like pendents and bracelets
Photography,  we use our phones and cameras to beautifully share our journey


Early bird discount: 10% (deposit received 6 month prior to class start) that is before May 6th 2017 for the November 2018 class and before July 8th 2018 for the January 2019 class

Refunds: deposit refunded 100% in case of cancellation 6 months or prior to the course, 50% refunded within 6 months, no refunds 2 months or less before the beginning of the course.

Schedule & teachers

We start the day with a 90 minutes Pranayama and Vinyasa practice, followed by breakfast and short break.  We will then join together in lectures and discussions on yogic values, energies, spirituality, arts and crafts, and continue on with Art of teaching.

We take lunch at 12:30 with a good break to relax, do homework, recharge, then learn Anatomy/physiology and how to teach and practice safely.

The day ends with a yoga practice followed by closing meditation.

Beware of courses which shorten the total TTC duration while keeping their prices to maximize their profits. Such “intensive” courses go against yogic principles of taking the proper time to learn, practice and absorb the teachings for the long run.

We strictly follow Yoga Alliance International requirements of 200 hours and provide plenty of time for you to assimilate and recover.


6-7:30 Yoga practice. Starting the day with a Yoga class
7:30-9 Breakfast and break
9-10:30 Lectures/Philosophy, learning the  8 limbs of Yoga
10:30-12:30 Art of Teaching, learning Asanas and the art of teaching your friends and students
12:30-2:30 Lunch and break
2:30-4 Anatomy, how to practice yoga mindfully, not hurting oneself and others
4-5 Yoga practice
5-6 Meditation

Evening is left free for you to read, recover, rest, connect with loved ones.

Saturday afternoon optional ecstatic dance and Sundays free

Agni born in Poland, discovered yoga in 2008 during her first visit to India. After 10 years of aerobics and pilates practice in no time she changed fitness club to yoga studio and started to practice Iyengar Yoga in her hometown. 4 years later she completed 200h YATTC (Yoga Alliance TTC)  with Trimurti Yoga in India.Since then she travels the world, teaching, learning and sharing her passion for yoga,dance and hula hoop. She regularly teaches 50 hours aerial and 200 hours yoga teacher training courses in Thailand and Cambodia, and teaches different styles such as hatha, vinyasa, yin, and aerial yoga.
She believes that yoga helps to connect with the inner self, to feel more grounded and safe, makes life easier and enjoyable. Her intention is to motivate her students to explore their own potential, to discover love, peace, and happiness within, to heal body and mind through the power of yoga and movement.

Gems is passionate about the body: how we move, why we move the way we do, exploring what’s possible within this incredible human vehicle we have been gifted for our journey on this earth. She is a dedicated yogini, a contemporary hoop-dancer and aerialist and she is Masters qualified in education. Gems has a deep and loving connection to Asia where she has spent 8 winters exploring movement and yoga practices. She has been spreading her light as a teacher since the beginning of 2012. Gems has taught anatomy and adjustment classes in India and Europe, including on YTTC courses. Her knowledge comes not only from her own YTTC training but also from attending special adjustment courses and spending a lot of time working with and observing the body – in massage, yoga, circus arts, acro-balance and contact dance improvisation. She is fascinated by the teaching and learning process and the incredible personal development we experience during dedicated trainings such as YTTCs. Gems is a creative and playful yoga teacher, and has a natural gift for connecting with people in and outside of the classroom, on and off the mat.


My goal is to teach you the tools and methods to develop your skills and talents in a fun and engaging way. Specifically I will teach photography and videography, with some internet and web and social media setup. After technical studies in France and USA, a career in Californian Silicon Valley, China and Singapore as a technology executive, and a career in photography with non-profit organizations, my path led me to embrace yoga and spirituality in India, Nepal, and south east Asia. As a certified Aerial, Vinyasa, Ayurvedic Yoga massage teacher and Reiki practitioner , I believe in continuous improvement through teaching and learning from experiences.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known for the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, the largest archeological religious monuments known to man, Siem Reap has a lot more to offer. Jungle, lakes, villages, rice fields, pagodas, palm trees,…. And most importantly a genuine kindness and friendliness of the Khmer people. There is an incredible choice of tasty restaurants of all cuisines in Siem Reap, from Indian to Italian, Chinese to French, and of course traditional Khmer cuisine.
USD and the local currency, Riel, are both equally accepted as a form of payment in Cambodia. ATMs are readily available, providing you with either of the currencies.

Balanced and healthy nutrition

Included in the program are 3 vegan, homemade meals, made from ingredients the owner carefully selects himself by shopping in specific markets in the very early morning hours, to guarantee quality and freshness. Vegan meals can be arranged.

The Venue

Blue Indigo Yoga Cottage, an intimate yoga cottage downtown Siem Reap, only minutes away from the city centre, but tucked in lush natural gardens. This place was built from the ground  up, with the vision to be a place to immerse yourself into wellness. With 3 Yoga shalas, a small dining area and beautifully decorated wooden cottages, you will not feel the time pass, in this bubble of peace. You will have the choice of staying in private cottages, shared cottages (2 beds), or dorms (4 beds).

We are the first and oldest Yoga Alliance Certificate school in Siem Reap, with the largest , most ventilated Shalas.


This course is suitable for beginners. Minimum number of participants: 4, maximum: 8

Please contact us for availability and deposit payment

As part of the course, we go visit the temples along with a professional photographer and a yoga teacher, to practice photography, meditation and light asanas in the shadow of the magnificent Angkor temples. Of course we do this with all proper ethics and respect for people, culture and nature.