A 200h certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


15th JUNE 2020 to 12th JULY 2020

20th OCTOBER 2020 to 16th NOVEMBER 2020

15th JANUARY 2021 to 11th FEBRUARY 2021

01th MARCH 2021 to 28th MARCH 2021

20th OCTOBER 2021 to 16th NOVEMBER 2021

Space limited to ensure best student-teacher interactions, sign-up as soon as possible.


During this course, you will learn the fundamentals of yoga, from asana clinic to yoga philosophy and body anatomy, with a deep focus on teaching methodologies and techniques. We will prepare you to become an independent fully qualified yoga teacher. After the course, you can become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance International.


Classical Hatha Yoga with its philosophy and ancient wisdom.

Modern, dynamic and creative Yoga Therapy.

Different Meditation and Healing techniques.

Traditional Ayurveda and Head massage.


Everyone is welcome to join this course, no matter your age or which yoga level you have!
Although we will be preparing you to become a qualified yoga teacher, you might
also pick this course for your own practice and self-growth. The teachers will make
sure to focus on each of the student’s needs and progress.

This traditional Hatha & Yin Yoga course involves

  • Hatha Yoga asana classes
  • Yin Yoga asana classes
  • YogaTherapy classes
  • Pranayama classes
  • Traditional Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda theory classes
  • Bhakti yoga and sound healing techniques
  • Different meditation and healing techniques
  • Alignments and adjustments, with modifications for different asanas
  • Laughing yoga
  • Karma yoga classes
  • Yoga philosophy classes: Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Yogic cleansing methods: Jala Neti, Sutra Neti, Tratak, Kunjal,
  • Shankhaprakshalana and Kapalbhati
  • Children’s yoga classes
  • Yoga philosophy classes through video presentations

Daily schedule

  • 6:00AM Wake up and self practice
    Yogic cleansing using methods learne
  • 7:00-8:00AM General Yoga asana class
  • 9:00AM Breakfast
  • 10:00-11:00AM Yoga philosophy class
    Ayurveda theory class
  • 11:00AM -12:00PM Yoga asana
    Theory, Practice


    • 12:00-1:00PM Lunch
    • 1:30PM Rest
    • 2:30PM SelfS tudy, Assignment preparations
    • 4:00-5:00PM Yoga philosophy class
      Ayurveda theory class
    • 5:00-6:00PM General Yoga asana class
    • 6.15-7.30PM Bhakti Yoga followed by Meditation
    • 8.00PM Dinner followed by self practice


500h Yoga Alliance certified teacher from India
“I have been practicing yoga since my childhood, but the past 4years I have dedicated my life to the studies of yoga through the travels of India to different ashrams.
For me Yoga is not only about
Asanas (postures) but a complete life- style. Following all the Yamas and Niyamas, I concentrate on an individual’s life-style while teaching. My sessions are specialized and I mainly focus on classes which include relaxing, energizing and stress free Yoga techniques.”

My key points in teaching, adhering to Patanjali, are: ‘Sthiram sukham asanam’ (Being stable
and happy in a posture) and ‘Yogas chitta vritti nirodah’ (Yoga is the cessation o fthe
modifications of mind.)”


500h Yoga Alliance certified teacher from Czech Republic. Michaela is passionate about Yoga Therapy and how can Yoga help and improve our daily life. She was introduced to Yoga 5 years ago, since that time; she is continuously searching and studying this amazing spiritual and ancient wisdom. It is fabulous, Indian yogis have discovered thousands of years ago how Yoga can be beneficial for our bodies and souls. She believes that all the modern researches and knowledge are already there, it is just said with different words. Michaela likes to search for those meeting points of traditional spiritual knowledge and modern anatomical explanations.

Simply for her – Yoga means happiness.


All pricing options include:

 200 hours course with experienced teachers, Course materials, Yoga Alliance International certificate, yoga mat, 2 vegan meals, 2 detox juices daily, Airport pickup, Trips & activities, Tea, water, hot-water, wi-fi


Dorm, Course, Meals
  • Includes
  • Accommodation in a dorm (4 people max)
  • 200 hours course with experienced teachers
  • Course materials, certificate, and yoga mat
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and lunch
  • A traditional khmer massage
  • Trips & activities
  • Tea, water, hot-water, wi-fi

Shared cottage

Shared cottage, Course, Meals
  • Includes
  • Accommodation in a shared cottage (2 people)
  • 200 hours course with experienced teachers
  • Course materials, certificate, and yoga mat
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and lunch
  • A traditional khmer massage
  • Trips & activities
  • Tea, water, hot-water, wi-fi


Private Cottage, Course, Meals
  • Includes
  • Accommodation in a private cottage
  • 200 hours course with experienced teachers
  • Course materials, certificate, and yoga mat
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and lunch
  • A traditional khmer massage
  • Trips & activities
  • Tea, water, hot-water, wi-fi


*Refunds policy: the deposit will be 100% refunded in case of cancellation 6 months or prior to the start of the course. 50% refunded within 6 months. No refunds 2 months or less before the beginning of the course, however, due to the current situation with COVID-19, we will refund back 100% of the deposit in case of cancellations if you book directly with us.

A deposit of 300 USD via Paypal or CBVISA. The balance to be paid 15 days before your arrival.
We will give you all details by email, contact us here : blueindigozencottage@gmail.com


Rebbeca Chelbea (Austria)

Shiva is a perfect example that age does not matter but practice does. He knows how to teach yoga in a way you won’t forget. Shiva showed me how a Yoga sequence should be like and it was amazing! It was the perfect balance of intense, energizing and relaxing. He really knows his work.
Rebbeca Chelbea

Alenka Domjanić
I was staying in the ashram in November. Shiva’s classes were well structured and fluid. He is truly dedicated and his approach to teaching is very professional. When anyone needed any assistance, he was always willing to help and guide us. Shiva based his teaching from his own experience as a beginner in yoga practice and told us difficulties that he faced and in effect taught us techniques to conquer some of these challenges. I found his teachings and advices very helpful, which will also help my classes, when I’ll be guiding students trough yoga practice.
Shiva is a very friendly and kind person, which was felt also in his classes.In my experience with Shiva’s teaching, I found him very knowledgeable and I could tell that he loves what he does. Shiva loves being a teacher and loves helping and teaching others. He is passionate about yoga practice which was showed throughout everyday life in the ashram.
Shani Mileguir (Israel)
For a month I studied yoga asana and bhakti yoga with Shiva at Ashram. His classes where remarkable, I learned many new techniques and ways to improve my breathing, asanas and overall life. Shiva brought his knowledge from all his experiences in different Ashrams across India, he taught us secrets of calming and observing our bodies and mind. I am grateful to have had him as my teacher in my yoga teacher training course and whole-heartedly recommend him as a yoga instructor and guide.
Simon Trouillard (France)
I did my yoga teacher training in last february with Shivanand. He is an amazing and very profesional teacher. I learn so much with his teachingsn not only asanas or pranayamas but also with all the yogic lifestyle that he was always spreading at the ashram. This is a person very inspiring for me, he knows perfectly to share his passion for Yoga . He was always available for helping us out of the clases also. I keep such a great memories of this wonderful teacher, a yogi with a beautiful heart.
Devika Davina (Germany)
I am so grateful that I had you as my teacher. You helped me specially to put the focus more inside me instead of around me. You have tought me the real yoga and you were interested in the people, so it felt like a family.

The classes were full of diversity and you were always open for questions. I had the feeling that I can ask you everything to any time, that gave me a feeling of security in my practice.

I hope that you can teach more students with your amazing knowledge of traditional yoga. Specially you have tought me to be happy and to use laughter yoga in my daily practice. Keep on going to make people feeling happy!

Hari om, big hugs and see you hopefully soon

Darpan Anand (France, February 2019)
I was a student of Shiva in my 200 hours Ttc. The courses were very well structured and he is the one who practically teach me how to teach. His advices were the best and I still continue to hear him.Shiva has great physical abilities for yoga and he is able to explain simply and very well how to achieve asana and pranayama. More than that, he communicates spirituality of yoga to whom is receiving the lesson with gentleness. His rythme is leading his student to a high level of understanding yoga and Shiva knows how to lead a session regarding people in assistance. He is also a good friend and he knows a lot about philosophy ! He is conscious about the learning all along lifetime.
I appreciate very much the time I spent with him. He is also a very good Bakthi yoga singer and meditation with him were very efficient.
Archana (Nigeria)
My Dear and Respectable SHIVA Ji, HARI Om .I’m really humbled and thankful that I did my YOGA TTC with such a wonderful and down to earth Teacher like you. While doing practice you are always in my mind and guiding me like light, basically the Master of Asana“HEADSTAND” gradually you taught and simply I can perform now. Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant, the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit and find your source. Your each and every teaching is powerful for inner journey. The one responsible for keeping you grounded through the ever-changing seasons of life.”
I know you always there for me to guide and face any obstacles in life. Thanks and Much Love SHIVA ji
Simple, sweet and timeless. Just like the practice itself!🙏🏻
Kate (South Africa)
Hey Shiva ,thank you for your patience, tolerance, good humour and professionalism. Your asana classes were really the highlight of many days during the TTC because I knew each time that I would learn something new and useful, and probably end up doing something that I didn’t think I could do. It’s not just about the asana and the alignment, which you obviously know extremely well, but it’s about the personality, the approach and the incorporation of yoga darshan with yoga asana. Your way of teaching us how to teach gave me a lot more insight and I love your way of transitioning in and out of the poses. You shared so many highly accessible and aesthetically pleasing techniques that I really look forward to sharing with my students back at home. Wherever your journey takes you, it will be their privilege to have you guiding the inward journey. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing the magic you are still to bring. In your own words, BIG shakti.
Luna (Belgium)
Thank you dearest Shiva ji, for teaching from your heart and sharing what you know. For always being fully present, balanced, happy, “full-shakti”, helpful, and fun. For being an absolutely great teacher and amazing human.You helped me a lot in my handstand journey and in my overall asana practice. Your teachings about asanas where not only physical but also with the focus on being stable and comfortable, entering and holding the pose with a sense of ease, and being beautiful and gracious during the practice. It are all great lessons, which can only be understood fully when experienced.I’m sure every student on your path will be blessed to have a teacher like you that presents a perfect balance of serious practice with a touch of laughter and equally as much fun.Keep in touch dearest Shiva ji x Lots of love.
Alexa Mitrica (London)
I met Diwakar (Shiva) during my TTC and was truly amazed about the dedication he holds for yoga. All his teachings on the eight limbs of the yoga system have been invaluable as I returned to London and started teaching myself. His humbleness, clarity and openness are placing him at the forefront of imparting the yoga knowledge hence I can warmly recommend Diwakar as a wonderful yoga teacher and human.
Emilie Chantaduc (France)
I can only recommend Diwakar as a teacher. During my 500hrs course in october/november 2018, his classes where precious to me. This man has already so much experience and knowledge for his young age. Classes with him everyday increased my understanding of what real yoga his. And he did it in a playful & joyful way. Now I am teaching in France and everyday I use tools that Diwakar gave me and I will never forget them. His path is interesting and his involvment in the yoga practice is sincere.


Techniques,Training and Practice – 100hours

It will include Asana Practice, Asana Training, Pranayama/Meditation, Asana Alignment, BhaktiYoga, Dhyana/Meditation and Selfstudy Time

Teaching, Methodology – 25hours
it will include Teaching Methodology with Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Theory.

Anatomy and physiology – 20hours
it will include asanas with anatomical view and modifications.

Yoga Philosophy and lifestyle – 30hours
It will include some traditional Yogic text and studies along with a general introduction of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy.

Practice – 10hours
Discussions with the Teacher

Remaining 15hours are for Self studyAssignments, Orientation (WelcomeCeremony), Exams and Graduation Ceremony

There are also some extra activities that can be arranged such as:
– Full day trip to Phom Kullen National Park
– A trip to Beng Malea, the jungle temple
– Boat trip in Kompong Khleang floating village
Phare show, the Cambodian Circus
… and many more…

In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known for the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, the largest archeological religious monuments in the world, Siem Reap has a lot more to offer. Jungle, lakes, villages, rice fields, pagodas,…. And most importantly the genuine kindness and friendliness of the Khmer people.

There is an incredible choice of tasty restaurants of all cuisines in Siem Reap, from Indian to Italian, Chinese or French, and of course traditional Khmer cuisine. USD and the local currency, Riel, are both equally accepted as a form of payment in Cambodia. ATMs are available, providing you with either of the currencies.

The center

Blue Indigo Yoga Cottage is an intimate yoga cottage downtown Siem Reap, only minutes away from the city center, but tucked in lush natural gardens. This place was built from the ground up, with the vision to be a place to immerse yourself into wellness. With 3 Yoga shalas, an outdoor dining area and beautifully decorated wooden cottages, you will not feel the time pass, in this bubble of peace. You will have the choice of staying in private cottages, shared cottages (2 beds), or dorms (4 beds).

We are the first and oldest Yoga Alliance International Certificate school in Siem Reap, with the largest, most ventilated Shalas, all our staff is insured, all our teachers are certified and experienced.

A healthy and balanced diet

With our program, we will provide you with vegetarian homemade meals, made from ingredients that our local cooks carefully select daily in the market. Any dietary requirements or allergies can be carefully catered.

Please contact us for availability and deposit payment